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FLASH! I went over to the Fairweathers' Fri 1/9/2004 to see a rough edit of Scott Barbour's documentary on Andy Wood. I've posted some notes about it here.


Lush exotic landscapes and deep dark grooves.
Loops deluxe in real time.
greg gilmore | lesli dalaba | fred chalenor

MP3 streams   the drill   the crawler   on fire

Our record is finally available through First World. Go get it.



Sub Pop Records
Treat yourself to this little gem...
greg gilmore | duff mckagan | chrisopher blue | paul dana/bob groves | david garrigues

MP3 streams   buried   swollen rage   erthe   no more time

Sub Pop released the new record on 5/5/98. It was recorded at Avast by Hal Ermine
in 11/97. Jack Endino mixed it at Hanzsek Audio in 12/97. It rocks.
Buy it, we're not getting any younger.

the rocket reviewed the record.

Sorry gang, its all over. TMW played its last show on August 22 1998
at the Roseland theater in Portland, Or.

More TMW  here and here and here.

1996 Cavity Search Records


Eclecto-tribal rock stylings, mostly instrumental,
with a couple of pieces to levitate by.

greg gilmore | paul hinklin | jack endino | eyvind kang | rich hinklin
john bush | kenny withrow | scott johnson | brendon wallace
keith lowe | phil ek | jennifer gilmore | brad kok | robert smallwood

MP3 streams   the dog's head   roil   water   the loop

Complication I Compilation of Seattle freaks, bands, and projects.
1996 Endless Records

P.E.G.  greg gilmore | evan schiller | paul hinklin
Gilnet  greg gilmore | skerik | rich hinklin

LAND Deep motile quaking streams.
Archipelago 1997 Periplum Records P 00040

greg gilmore | Lesli Dalaba | George Soler | Bill Moyer | Dennis Rea | Ed Pias | Jeff Greinke

Jack Endino

Angle of Attack 1990 Toxic Shock Records
Endino's Earthworm 1992 Cruz Records
Jack's page

From Jack's basement, before Jack was...  Jack.

Love Bone
... uh, grunge?
Shine EP1989 | Apple 1990 | Shine/Apple double CD 1991 Polydor Records

Scott Barbour from the SF Bay area is working on an Andy Wood film documentary.
Maybe we'll see something of it in '98 or '99 or ....

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